"Our heroes are ash now; they are dust to the wind.

Time echoes through ruins; there are shadows in the stones. Restless giants carve these astronomical tides... have we forgotten that we are hiding from the storm?"
I know it's a quite personal question but are you religious?

Not at all, greyface, thanks for asking.

Religion, per se, is not something I agree with; I dislike the organisation of it all into ways that give people power. I dislike the hierarchy and the potential for corruption that comes with it. I do, on the other hand, have faith, which I believe is a completely different matter. I don’t like to be constrained by “religion”. You end up being tied to things that other humans have decided, not things you believe yourself. I like to think that my beliefs are my own, based upon my own interpretation of things.

However, I imagine what you want to know is if I am a Christian or not? To that, I suppose the answer would be yes, I am. Loosely speaking. Again, I don’t like the tag or the connotations that come with that, but it describes my beliefs pretty well from a basic point of view.

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looks so amazing. OCEAN. Glasgow doesn’t have any big waterscape so it kinda sucks

I reeeeeeally want to go see the less urban side of Scotland. Like, all the highlands and stuff SO BAD there should be a group field trip

Petri and I are planning a trip up north after the exams, if people are interested they’d be welcome to tag along.